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Come, follow me into the realm of music.

Here is the gate

Which separates the earthly from the eternal.

It is not like stepping into a strange country

As once we did. We soon learn everything to know there

And nothing surprises us anymore. Here

Our wonderment will have no end, and yet

From the beginning we feel at home.


At first you hear nothing, because everything sounds.

But now as you being to distinguish between them. Listen.

Each star has its rhythm and each world its beat.

The heart of each separate living thing

Beats differently, according to its needs,

And all beats in harmony.


-Your inner ear grows sharper. Do you hear

the deep notes and the high notes?

They are immeasurable in space and infinite as to number.

Like ribbons, undreamt-of scales lead from one world to


Steadfastly and eternally moved.


Hugh Mac Diarmid, In Memoriam James Joyce

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