Psalm 151

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O Thou my God, all peoples praise Thee and assure Thee of Thy loftiness.

But even if I do, or not, what can it signify to Thee?

Who am I, to believe that my prayer is necessary?

When I say ‘God,’ I know that I mean by this the Sole,

All-powerful, Omniscient and unimaginable One,

Of whom I neither can nor may make unto myself an image.

On whom I neither may nor can make the least claim,

Who will fulfill my most fervent prayer or not notice it.

And, for all that, I pray, as everything that lives prays;

For all that, I beg for grace and wonders, fulfillments.

For all that, I pray,

Since I would not be deprived of the felicitous sense of unity, of union with Thee.

O Thou my God, Thy grace has left us prayer as a means of contact,

A blessed means of contact with Thee,

As a bliss which gives us more than would all fulfillment.

Arnold Schoenberg

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